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This is the third version of my Mardi Gras theme. Like before, this theme contains the purple, green, and gold GTK theme, a new Metacity theme which is a modification of the "Smoothie" Metacity theme (red button changed to purple), and for XFCE users, an XFWM theme that's based on the "Agualemon" theme that comes with XFCE.

I've also provided all-new screenshots to make sure and get the Metacity theme in the picture, too (I somehow missed this last time around). Plus, since Intrepid Ibex's screenshot tool now lets you include your mouse pointer in the screenshot, I used it in my Widget Factory screenshot to illustrate that the buttons turn amber when you hover over them.

I've also added a glassy look to the purple highlight in menu items to make it look that much more festive, too.

Happy Mardi Gras and enjoy! :-)
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product-maker Moatib Jun 22 2013 9 excellent
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