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a preview of my tark theme. been working on tark for a while, receiving slow incremental improvements mostly, helping to refine it.

i have it for not just gtkrc, but also have used the tark colours in configs for: emacs (+erc); dmenu; stylesheets in uzbl and stylish for firefox; openbox and xmonad; terminals; ... and others, i forget.

anyhoo, thought it was about time i released at least something of it, like some kind of imperfect snapshot of a constantly evolving thing. sometimes i pull everything in neatly together, keeping tark consistent, and then sometimes i just let it grow wild, with some configs getting the plushing-up pushing ahead of the rest, n then take another config down a slightly different path... and that's why it's been around so long, yet i've never published it. ... so, next time i get it all neatened up and consolidated as a consistent coherent whole, i'll publish a gestalt of it. ~ maybe even release a debain-based distro of it, featuring all the things i'd configuired for tark colours. ^_^

but for now, here's just the gtkrc of one of the branches of it (gtkrc being the branchiest, where most of the tark development happens)

tark is dark, warm, but not too warm, so that it still has a bit of seriousness to it. tark is rich and deep, but not too saturated that it becomes garish or overly electric. tark is cunning in its simplicity. genius in its subtlety.

but this isnt tark you're getting. this is just tarkless, which has diverged from all that, a corruption of the concept even one might say... so, this wont get a version name of tark 0.0 or any such. it'll simply be: tarkless.

viola, tarkless, as is.

just throw that into ~/.themes/tarkless/gtk-2.0/ called gtkrc, then select it with lxappearance or gtk-chtheme or wherever and however you normally save and apply gtk themes.

Copyright Digit, n all that guff. gpl yo! ;)
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7 years ago


loadsa refining n stuff brings us to this first snapshot of a divergent branch of digit\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\"tark\\\\\\\".

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7 years ago


loadsa refining n stuff brings us to this first snapshot of a divergent branch of digit\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\"tark\\\\\\\".

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