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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


blue/greenish frame theme for Linux Ubuntu > = 10.04; I use it on Mint 11 Katya (natty 11.04), with win7 aero-like buttons, based on metacity-1 & gtk-2 (no emerald; no openGL is needed) : for any pc ... works fine on all Linux gnome distros;
Actually I modified the famous classic 'aurora' engine for my buttons, made them bluish, like in win7 (vista). The progressive bar is picked up from a KDE distro - it's a water-like blue flow ...
The theme was tried also on LMDE (LXDE) and XFCE with some corrections in the script and install to : /usr/share/themes/...
Recently added a bisoft-panel with the 'Apple' start-button and transparent bottom panel for my theme (win7-greenish and black Vista, also images for the top and bottom XFCE panels). You may extract separately only /bisoft-panel anywhere on /home/user/... find and locate it via the panel-properties of your distro ... or read more here ./themes/bisoft-win7/bisoft-panel/ -> the text file Change-PanelFontColor.txt will guide U.
This theme perfectly works with my icon pack :

Good Luck
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