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Ever needed to work late at night or during a night travel on a car backseat? I did, and I felt like the default Clearlooks color scheme was attacking my eyes.

I used the Mist theme and simply changed a few colors (that you can modify yourself if needed), to make them dark enough to not emit a "light halo" in the car, while remaining "usable" (tested with Evolution, Tasks, the Web, etc.). This theme is therefore aimed at reducing eye strain for low-light environments. It also provides you with a scary "hacker-looking" laptop so that people can wonder what the hell you're running as an OS, I guess :)

I chose the Mist engine because it is the fastest engine out there. You wouldn't believe how much that thing makes a difference until you compare Mist and Clearlooks for scrolling webpages in Epiphany (or Firefox). Or the speed that it takes to draw windows.



11 years ago

This isnt a gtk theme is it?

I have never heard of Gnome Meta-Themes, so an explanation of how to get this to work would be appreciated.




9 years ago

Download the tar.gz file to your desktop, then open the Appearance gnome preferences program. Drag the .tar.gz file into the window and it should then tell you that the theme has been installed.

To the Original Author: Thanks a lot for this theme. You should try the program gtk-redshift to reduce your eyestrain though!



12 years ago

very nice theme, i find myself doing the same as you did, just never tried with the mist engine. looks really good. using it !



12 years ago

Great theme! I was thinking of doing something similar myself with black and green. Thanks for making an awesome theme!

Now I just need to write a script to automatically change themes at a specified time... bash an gtk-theme-switch should do nicely...


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