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This is the second version of my Theme which is aimed to provide a nice look for Fedora. I wanted to create a theme for Fedora, that looks great and is ready to install just after a fresh install of Fedora. So there are no dependencies to be fullfilled other than a functioning install of Fedora 14.

In the downloaded file you find icon- and gtk-themes.

Extract the GTK-Theme to '~/.themes' and the Icon-Theme to '~/.icons'. I also added a Wallpaper that I made for this occasion.

Please note that is not my work for the most part. The icon theme is heavily based on 'Gnome-Colors-Brave' by perfectska04, and partly on 'Elementary' by the Elementary Team. Also my GTK and Metacity is inspired and taken from 'Clearlooks-Revamp' and 'Clearlooks-More'. The Wallpaper is a modified Version of DanRabbits 'SimplyBlue' Wallpaper.

Changes for 0.2:
- I finished the Metacity Theme, it now looks good when maximized!
- I redid the sound-icon in the panel
- I added empathy panel icons
- I added battery panel icons
- I finished the folder icons for 24 and 16 px
- a lot of other things

Enjoy, and as always help me if you like by developing it further or commiting bugs etc.


10 years ago

Great Style. German Designers have a good taste - always.

I like it very much. :) Looks very awesome on fedora.




10 years ago

hey! i dont think aesthetic or taste is in any way connected to nationality and/or your ethnic background, but other than this - thank you for liking my work!


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