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'Mintified' or 'mintish' Xfce/Gtk theme of Greybird: Greybird Mint

I took the original Greybird theme via git and modified some things to fit with the Mint icons I get used to or things that I do not like in the original theme.

Things that were changed:
- Hover color in panel and menus as well as progress bar and link color is now green instead of blue (to fit with the green Mint icons)
- Tooltips background color is now grey instead of black (I did not like the black ones very much)
- Panel color is now light grey instead of dark grey (same reason here)

You might also look at the screenshots to find out what I have changed.

[strike]I do not intend to update my archive file each time the original Greybird theme will be changed. For this reason I provide diff files that can be applied to the original Greybird theme. No graphics were changed. I will update the diff files so that they can be applied to the original Greybird theme, even when it has changed. However, I will not check the compatibility daily. So do not hesitate to send me a message if my diffs are outdated.[/strike]

Archive file now comes with a complete theme. Patching is no longer required.

Greybird theme - Copyright 2009-2012 Simon Steinbeiß and Satyajit Sahoo
Mint-X Icons - Linux Mint Team
Mint-Backgrounds-Xfce - Photographs by masterbutler (

0. You can safely install the two following debian packages seperately (as they do not have any dependencies). The packages are taken from the sources for Linux Mint Debian Edition (
1. Make sure you have installed Mint-X-Icons. As a Mint user you shall be able to get them via apt. Otherwise, you can get them here: (content file #2).
2. In case you are interested in using the background image shown on the screenshot, grab it (and others) using apt (look for mint-backgrounds-xfce) or get them from here: (content file #3).

1. After extracting the archive file, copy the Greybird-Mint directory over to /usr/share/themes. (You need root privileges to do this.)
Last changelog:

7 years ago

30.06.2013 (0.2)
- 'forked' version of Greybird
- fixes white font color on grey background in GTK3 applications

22.05.2013 (0.1)
- initial version

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7 years ago

30.06.2013 (0.2)
- 'forked' version of Greybird
- fixes white font color on grey background in GTK3 applications

22.05.2013 (0.1)
- initial version

product-maker Moatib Jul 01 2013 9 excellent
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