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Two can play at that game.


17 years ago

I'm beginning to think that Tim Brown is really trolling. I mean, look at it this way: when someone posts a pic of a "babe," or some equally non-KDE image, you might see a mild rebuke. But when Tim Brown posts a picture (I admit it, they look terrible) we get all the bible-burning "your God is dead" jackasses coming out of the woodwork making royal asses of themselves posting unfunny parodies like this one, or backgrounds with Stalin, or what have you.

I have a mild amount of belief, and believe me, when you bash someone who's allegedly Christian you're just egging them on--part of the Christian belief system tells them (us, if I believe in it, I suppose) that they're going to get treated just the way you're doing. If Tim's the real deal, you're just encouraging him. If he's not, you're just encouraging him to post more troll material. Either way, if you want Tim to go away, stop being horse's asses--it's that simple.

It's amazing to see otherwise intelligent people engage in stupid behavior over a difference in opinion.



17 years ago

Wow, that is god damn funny. I agree that guy is a jack ass!!


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