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This is a collection of PNG wallpapers, available in both 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions, of the almost clichéd swishy-blue background with a generic label smacked on top.

I may do a root version (swishy red) if desired, but personally, when I have to graphically login as root the standard KDE red solid background is all I need on my desktop.

If you need any of these walls in a different resolution, they are all lossless format PNG, so you can remaster them to suit your needs (or even tastes, if you think you could improve them :)) but you'll need a proprietary program (Mac or Windows only, too. Sorry) in order to open them[1].

There's also a separate, lossless master copy work file with all of the elements and effects in it available. It's the source file in the content listing.

For the files, follow the link to the main content upload in this page's file listing download area.

[1] As far as I'm aware. They're basically SVG PNGs with effect and path information in, and can be viewed in image viewers and editors as standard rasters, so you may be able to Gimp it up for these files.

Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. ;)
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16 years ago

0.1 - Feb 4 2005:
- Created the wallpapers, collection archive and uploaded to

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16 years ago

0.1 - Feb 4 2005:
- Created the wallpapers, collection archive and uploaded to

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