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My first attempt at designing my own wallpaper. Feel free to use.

I used GIMP.

Be Blessed.


12 years ago

I think if a cross is to be posted, then we should include a gallows as well...or perhaps a hanging tree.

"Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree."

That's what religious leaders use when they don't like someone...if you trust religious leaders.

I don't. Religious leaders have always been the most criminal in all history.




12 years ago

By all means, if you would like to post gallows then do so.

I decided to try a cross because of the fact that Jesus died on it for all mankind, giving us the gift of life and removing us from the curse.

Whether you want to accept the gift or not it is there. I know how I was before I opened my heart for Jesus to change me. Jesus killed no one, I agree that in the name of all "religion" millions were killed. I am however a follower of Jesus Christ not of a "religion". It is about a personal relationship with Him and not about the "doctrine of men".




12 years ago

Pardon my not getting back to this...
Please don't misunderstand. The victory of Jesus Christ wasn't the was his resurrection. Religious leaders deny the latter in all kinds of ways. First, by denying anything happened. And second by denying the power of the resurrection. This latter like to emphasize the cross, when they should emphasize His present ongoing reigning Life!!

For example, the French Hugenots refuse to have ANY cross present during worship. This is especially so since many of their ancestors died at the hands of the inquisitors. The cross was the inquisitorial symbol, not mine.

And most importantly, a cross, like a gallows, leads people to think of death, not reigning Life!


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