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18 years ago

please someone make a category for aqua stuff.

i think macOSX looks really nice, and kinky, but i dont like it. i dont like steve, i dont like their price they sell their crappy hardware, which is nothing but big-hype.

its just too much, maybe someday we'll try not to mimic other operation-system's GUI ( hello windowsXP ) its just cheap design. not to insult you. but i am really fed up with this aqua stuff.

this will be the only post i make in this regard.

at least you didn't use windows-apps to do it. it looks good clean perfect, but we need innovations.

grüße aus wien



18 years ago

Apple Computer Inc. did not copy of of anyone but Xerox with their os Xenix! MSFT copied off of Apple! They look nothing alike to a true person with a brain who has used both windows xp and MacOS X and found both to be equally stable and "pretty" yet windows xp is sickenly "pretty" and OSX beautifully designed and stable with the BSD kernel in the Darwin Layer of the OS so tehrefore you have the best of both Apple and Linux stability and beauty! yes their prices are a little high but they are still pretty reliable and very long lasting in the long run so getting a mac with osx is a good choice if you need a system that will last, and another thing windows is known to be buggy and uppity, MacOS X has had only one security hole, windows XP has over a 100, and thousands more ready and waiting for discovery and "patching"



18 years ago

Can make the hole wallpaper a little bit darker? Then it will be my Favorite and I will use it for my Desktop. Viele Grüße nach Norderstedt, gute Flash Seite!




18 years ago

I will try to make it darker. Look out for it in about 2 hours.


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