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I have dual LCD's and I wanted a very simple wallpaper. So I made this in about 10 minutes with the gimp. I have been using it for quite some time and I seem to like it. I have my an external taskbar on the bottom right monitor and the regular main panel at the top of the right monitor. They both hide after 1 second so I only briefly see them. I usually end up using alt+tab anyways for choosing open windows.

Gkrellm for stats on my box and my server's. Simple xmms visualization underneath the "root?" with it's kde window border turned off so it sort of blends in the background. Not much else to say. Oh and Xmms-kde applet in the main panel so I can control xmms with khotkeys and my logitech multimedia keyboard.

Don't know why people complain about kde looking like windows, it looks like whatever you want it to look like. I spent maybe 15 minutes to get kde looking like this.
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