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I hope you enjoy this simple little wallpaper. It is based on a logo I designed
for the KDE League's KGX initative before that project was put on the backburner.
I like the term KGX since it recognizes the three main components of most users'
KDE desktops ([K]DE, [G]NU and LINU[X]).


16 years ago

No offense against your wallpaper. It is very good looking. But my beef is with the KGX stuff. KDE isn't just for [GNU/]Linux. It's for a whole bunch of platforms. The first article at the dot currently is "KDE 3.1 Packages Available for AIX". I'm running KDE on FreeBSD at home, and someone has KDE on Solaris at work. It's available for NetBSD, OpenBSD, HPUX, IRIX, and just about every other *NIX platform there is.

I've got no problem with a KGX initiative, just as I have no problem with the "LAMP" movement. But I find that having this be an official initiative of the KDE League to be problematic. It implies (I hope wrongfully) that KDE on other platforms is somehow second class. GNOME doesn't treat their non-GNU users this way, and they're a *GNU* project!

The KDE needs to distance itself from the KGX initiative. Don't abandon it. But don't make the rest of us feel like we should be running GNOME instead.



16 years ago

Well people make KDE wallpapers tailored to their distro, so I don't see why this is bad.

I mean there are a ton of wallpapers here that have say, kde and debian, or kde and slackware, etc. It's just distro pride, and this is just GNU/Linux pride. It doesnt mean that all people who use KDE should use GNU/Linux.




16 years ago

Well, the KDE League isn't really doing anything with it anymore, thus why I released the logo wallpaper independently. I don't see this as an attack on KDE on FreeBSD, etc., simply it is a wallpaper/term for those using KDE on GNU/Linux.

Considering that KDE on GNU/Linux is used a lot, it is nice to have a quick phrase that you can use to identify your desktop as such.



16 years ago

I agree in principle but honestly, I would continue to use KDE on BSD no matter what anyone said since GNOME on BSD sucks rocks.


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