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15 years ago

Actually, as a background picture it is a wery good. Meny backgrounds are in lots of colours and I cant see the icons. In my desctop icons are in the left edge and they are all well visible :) - accsessibilty point. And yes I could post this in some other site, but I just love kde-look.org :). I tried to add some mandrake feel on the other picture but I dont feel comfortable in computer graphics design but I love to photographing.



15 years ago

I would have to say that this is a great picture. I'm not into dogs much myself but well done. It is too bad that on this site there are so many people who don't appreciate a good quality picture. I have noticed that if it is not computer generated or that if it does not have KDE on it or the logo of some distribution then it seems to get a poor rating. That is really too bad. I mean there are a lot of other sites to upload wallpapers onto. Some people are passionate about this site having to do with KDE only. I figure if you are contributing in some way then that is better than just leeching and not contributing at all. Credit is deserved where credit is due.


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