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autumn is over, winter is comming ...

Aperture: 10
Speed: 1/30s
ISO: 100

no comments?
anyone want to add a KDE-logo on it? (around the centre, half-transperent would look nice ... no idea how to do myself --- no expreience with gimp)


16 years ago

I personally think a KDE logo would not really enhance the simplicity of the photo. I'm sure that some expert could add a logo and make it look good, but I think that the photo would lose some of its natural beauty.

By the way, this is just the type of background I've been looking for. Keep up the good work! :)



16 years ago

i like the blurry vs. focus effects on all wallpapers - better yet - the name kinda goes against the whole religious crap as of late so keep it up... mmm... evolution.




16 years ago

thanx for your comment ... as comments are rare here :-)

... yes the playing around with focal depth (making background of a image smooth or things like this...) can be really cool; especially when you want to make shapes of nature sharp and nice-looking in the foreground

... evolution? ... yes, it's this direction, but warning: if people interpret in evolution more than a "theory" (and it actually is, as there are no direct evidences, because nobody was there some hundred milions ago to watch the species addapting over a long time :-), this can be also a "religion"

sometimes a nice shape of a plant is nothing more than the nice looking plant you see :-)

again thanx for your comment
greetings from switzerland


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