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a follow up on got the look ö)

yes, I promise this will be the last one with the cone-ringed (!?) images as a base *lol*

who knows what I'm gonna come up with next, maybe it'll be about boxes then - *grins* (=*lol*)

take care, chris


18 years ago

i'm starting to get fed up seeing 7 or more of the same wallpaper uploaded with the only difference in resolution/size. why dont you guys just zip it up all in one file (.gz) and then upload it?




18 years ago

read my comments on limitation of file sizes yet? - probably not - else you would not have written this ; imagine I'd all pack 'em up == huge file ; people may not want to download a huge file - especially if you don't need all resolutions and are still on 56k, like me ;)

besides that if I can't even upload 1.088 kb at one time, how am I gonna put up 3, 4 or 5 mb - or do you want crappy jpg?)

ok, maybe people at kde-look change their minds - then they should reorganize the wallpaper area, too, shouldn't they - else you go to 800x600 section, wonder where the good stuff is gone although there are 800x600 version in those huge zipfiles at 1600x1200 section)

i agree with you in one point - you could easily blend out pictures with the same name 'got the look?' for example to not be on the same page twice - which happens quite often on the 'latest' page

and another thing - i'd always upload the same preview for every single resolution - there's no way to link to a previously uploaded preview - that's what I'm fed up with ;)


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