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A darker hi-res wallpaper with Homer J. Simpson looking at the moon. A little story behind it: At the end of episode 1620 - Home Away From Homer, Flanders was kicking that Coach out of his house. When the Coach was lying on the ground, Homer smashed a chair on that helpless guy. When asked why, Homer replied: "I saw my advantage, and I took it. That's what heros do.", and then he stood in that heroic pose. Dunno why, I just love it :))

Software used:
* Inkscape (with potrace) to retrace the low-res Television Homer into a fresh and hi-res SVG Homer :)
* The Gimp to put it all together

Now before someone asks, the font used in the picture is called Lithograph, and the moon is taken from http://www.hiddenloft.com/images/MoonHRfull.jpg (a 10MPix photo).

There's also a version called 'Homer, The Near Hero' with him standing closer to the camera, so if anyone wants... just tell me.
Last changelog:

14 years ago

1.2 - typo corrected (s/heros/heroes/)

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14 years ago

1.2 - typo corrected (s/heros/heroes/)

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