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This is a wallpaper plugin that actually maps a huge image on multiple virtual desktops, so it seems as if you had one wallpaper per virtual desktop, for those who do not want to maintain activities.

0.8.1: Fixed some rather stupid bug that caused strange mapping on non-quadratic grids

- Make sure you have kde development packages installed (Tested on KDE 4.5.5)
- Unpack the archive and cd to the mappedimage-folder
- mkdir build
- cd build
- cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
- make
- sudo make install

You may have to run kbuildsycoca4 or restart plasma-desktop to select the plugin.

You can only select an image and enable a more or less (okay, less...) nice slidig animation.

The selected image must be EXACTLY as big as all the virtual desktops together. Which means, if you have a screen resolution of 800x600 and a 3x2 grid of virtual desktops, your image MUST have 2400x1200 pixels.

The animation simply sucks if you have the gliding windows-effect enabled. It would be aaaaaawesome if anyone could replace it by some nice fade effect. I simply don't know how to do it.
The configuration dialog has a bug I didn't get rid of: The KURLRequester is too wide. I'm searching for a solution.
When using the cube or the desktop grid, the different wallpapers do NOT show up. This still *only* works when using activities.
When you change your virtual desktops or the screen resolution, you have to restart the desktop and select a new image. That's annoying, I'll probably fix it some time.


10 years ago

It works great, though the animation is slow ^^

but it's no matter for me ;)

But is it normal that when I press meta+E (compiz shortcut for "Exposé"), I just see the same background for each of my 6 desktops ?

Anways, it was the plugin I was looking for, since I use compiz instead of Kwin :D

(Mandriva 2010.2, x86_64)

It would be great to have a kind of slideshow for these backgrounds to - meaning every xXx minutes, the whole background of all desktops changes.

That's it, thx allot ;)





10 years ago

Hey, thanks for your comment. :)

Slideshow: Great idea, I'll implement it.

Exposé: It is normal and I can't fix it, sorry. plasma-desktop is actually one qt window for all workspaces that is simply rendered 6 times unless you use activities, but activities are probably not what you are looking for because you can't share the plasmoids on multiple activities. However, 4.6 has introduced some "copy current activity"-button, but it is really just a copy, and if you change something on one desktop, you'll have to change it on all other desktops as well. But the activity system still has some advantages you might want to make use of.

Animation: I agree it is slow, but I don't have that much experience in qt programming, looking forward to making it faster though. BTW, ever tried to use the raster graphicssystem for qt? Made everything much faster on my system (including plasma), the native graphicssystem is just like hell with my NVidia card.

Anyway, glad that someone's using it. :D


product-maker Znurre Jan 16 2011 9 excellent
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