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The Fifth Element (1997) is a science fantasy, action, comedy, techno thriller film, written and directed by Luc Besson, starring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm, and Chris Tucker, with Luke Perry and Lee Evans in cameo roles. The production design for the film was developed by French comics creators Jean Giraud (Moebius) and Jean-Claude Mézières and shows a strong influence of French comics storytelling and aesthetic style. Costumes for the film were designed by French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The film's central plot is concerned with the survival of mankind, which becomes the duty of a former military officer named Korben Dallas (Willis) when an Extraterrestrial young woman who calls herself Leeloo (Jovovich) falls into his taxicab. She is the Fith Element, whose appearance was prophesized by the Priest Cornelius (Holm). Korben's mission is to find the other four elements, represented by stones, and gather them all before a black planet that represents pure evil collides with the Earth. Mangalors, slow-witted warrior aliens led by corporate tyrant Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg (Oldman), are obsessed with thwarting Korben's efforts.

Although filmed in English and set in a futuristic New York City, the film is a British/French production; most principal photography was filmed at Pinewood Studios in England, while some scenes were shot on location in Mauritania
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