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So I've became fascinated with the hardy heron wallpaper and the intrepid one was not my favorite. Anyways here's a thought for the jackalope one, it's supposed to be a little oil paintingish. And wow it's impossible to upload things to this site, so I hope the image hosting place doesn't bonk out. Please let me know how you would like it changed. The rabbit is a black tailed jackrabbit, and the antlers are from a proghorn. Both species native to the american southwest/great plains, which I think is appropriate because that's more or less the habitat of the jackalope. The second version is a little less busy, due to doing up the oil painting effect more strongly. The jackalope itself is still processed the same amount, because I didn't want it to become unrecognizable. I also adjusted the colors some, but I think it's too yellow for the human scheme.
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