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(Another) new iPhone Wallpaper, not to be taken too seriously. (Please don’t be offended, Michaelangelo fans!)

Also, please note that when you click to download this wallpaper, you'll be taken to an outside page which has this and other wallpapers by me.

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13 years ago

Offensive? Maybe it's my twisted sense of humor, but I find this picture hilarious.



13 years ago

I'm not even religious but, sorry, I found this extremely offensive.




13 years ago

In response to bandua83...

Ironically, I am deeply religious and I did not find this offensive at all.

I think personally, Michaelangelo fans should find this more offensive (reduction of art to pop-culture) than religious institutions or people who think they own (religious) art. Despite the fact that the traditional Church etc has historically had a bad relationship with Art, being either aggressive against it or mixed about whether Art is even acceptable or not.

Religion cannot own art. So, I do not apologise for religious sentiments being hurt. Also, this painting is not really "God" but an "idea of God". (In some cultures such an idea of God itself, even without the iPhone, is offensive)

I do apologise however to Artistic sentiments being hurt, and I appeal to a sense of humour to allow some "irony" to prevail.


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