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Here is a new twist on an old suse wallpaper. This has always been one of my favorites and the wickedest spider shots of all times. Tired of the green, I played a bit with the hue and saturation of the outlying color field and spruced up the logo a bit. The green on the dark blues and black certainly pops.

You may need to adjust the color a bit depending on your monitor. I have seen a wide variance on how colors render depending on the LCD screen and even due to the finish on the screen (flat/glossy/etc...)

I have long since lost track of the original author of the green version of the wallpaper, but all credit is due him (or her)

I have also included a screenshot showing the wallpaper used as the skydome backdrop in compiz. The results were actually surprisingly good. Of course it may not fit your taste, but if it does, ...enjoy :p
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