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In celebration of the release of openSuSE 11.3

Rendered 3d image which I modeled and textured myself, it is actually a part of a vastly more complex model which has a couple weeks left to finish...will post when I do. Now don't give me too much criticism, this is my first render, so I can't compare to half the folks out there on blender, maya, softimage XSI (before being purchased by autodesk).

I would like to thank the following people:

Dr. Paul Debevec:
Though I wasn't able to get a hold of him to get permission to use one of his lightprobes for Image based lighting (he was at a speaking engagement), anyone who tries their hand at 3d modeling understands the importance he has played in the field of 3d environments. you can view this article at wikipedia and his own page at:

Wouter Wynen:
though I didn't use any of his maps, he graciously gave me permission to use one of his free images if I wanted to. His site is here: His company Aversis also offers commercial images and other resources.

Bernhard Vogl:
Mr. Vogl did provide the image which I used for the IBL in the render, the image was "At the window" found here:
don't forget to look at the main page ( for insight into his other projects, good place to learn about these photographic concepts.

The font for the 11.3 came from dafont named "perfect dark" created by Brian Kent from aenigmafonts, unfortunately it appears his main site is no longer online.

And to Amanda McPherson and the folks at the Linux Foundation for providing the snapshot of the openSuSE 11.3 default desktop seen in the reflection of the robot's eye lens.
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