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Another simple wallpaper.

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8 years ago

Added 2 blue versions to this pack



8 years ago

WOW Great work again! Thanks for sharing.

My only suggestion would be:
Perhaps Use a resolution of: 3200x2000 or 2560x1600. (I know it seems BIG but it's future proofing)

From what I've Herd Those resolutions are specially picked by Professionals. Photographers, Graphics Designers. Apple , MS. It allows Seamless compatibility on 2 displays as well.

I Have Color Idea.
Do you think you could make one like this with Grey and Dark Blue?

I noticed a few color artifacts. (That happens to me too!) you could try motion bluring , Guassin blurring to try to minimize the appearance.

Great work.




8 years ago

I guess you're right. I should have done this in higher res, and I will try to do that next time.

About the color idea - I've added 2 more wallpapers to this pack in blue/grey, don't know if the result is the thing you had in mind though :)

Yeah, those pesky artifacts keep appearing randomly. I'm working on the image in 16bit and sometimes they appear when I down-sample to 8bit for export. Also they tend to appear from over-saturating colors (I have pretty crappy monitor and might not notice). But thanks for suggestions, I will definitely try them out.


8 years ago

Added 2 blue versions to this pack

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