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13 years ago

I LOVE your work Missy. The combination of boots, patterned nylons, choker, and naked butt is incredibly erotic...and the expression on her face(!)...and her hands!

So I've got to ask the rest of this forum: Why is it OK for a woman to produce/post this sort of art, but NOT ok for a man????

For sake of discussion, I must point out the only "naughty" area hidden is the pubic area (it might be hidden).

This looks to me like a really serious double standard.

You are truly lovely, Missy.




13 years ago

ummm lol
Thank you for the compliment. :) I decided to tone it down a bit though because someone did point out to me that kids may be looking over the shoulders of their parents and yes I understand that being a mom as I am. I guess I just don't let my kids near the pc when Im on here so I dont think about that. :( I agreee that what's right for one sex should be right for the other. Your right on this and I cant help but agree. I try to make my art suggestive yet covered. I could have shown the whole thing....lol but I don't like that. I think there should be something left to the imagination. Although I know a lot of people would disagree LOLOL. I won't be posting anything else like this here though for the sake of those with children. I do think though it would be a really great idea for them to set up an adult area so that those that wish to trade more adult like images can do so, and then people that have kids looking over their shoulders will know not to click there LOL
I have an adult section on my site but there are warnings up and I make sure everyone knows that there are nude images and even some bdsm so please be careful. :)

Thank you for the comments and the interesting conversation. Your a sweetie!



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