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Hi there,

this is my first version of "Galaxies Around Midnight", a succesor to the smooth cone ring image which I haven't uploaded yet.

comments are appreciated, please be so kind to drop a line

the source is a plain text file conforming to the POV-Ray Scene Language

no extra tools besides a text editor and the actual render were used

mail me if you want the source

CU, chris

ps: Think it's better to link the thumbnail to the actual image instead of to the preview? - as of now click the download button to get a 1024x768 sized


18 years ago

Why don't the kde-look people disable that an artist can vote for her/himself? - That's pretty ugly.


Spiral Man

18 years ago

no, i think its better to link to an actuall preview. of course, i also think that people should post everything as 1600x1200 and let us downsize it to the size our desktop is : )

btw, i like the image, although its a little dark for me to use as a wallpaper (i like a nice, light desktop, so i can destroy my eysight : )




18 years ago

a higher resolution version will follow - my machine is currently calculating the stuff, but it's awful slow, so that you can expect it maybe a day from now...

well, I wanted it to be somewhat mystic, still I guess you are right: if you like light desktops you would not want a dark image as wallpaper

think there is more demand for bright stuff? - I could concentrate on that for a next project....


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