A Sparkle in the Lonelyness

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Just enjoy ...

---------------------------------Da FloW
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17 years ago

- 2nd upload because of account problems


17 years ago

... are you alright, flow?

I've been looking at your art as well as your website for a while now. Your designs and craftsmanship is truly impressive!

But I'm kinda worried about *you*... It seems like some comments get to you more then they should. But even more, the titles of your work (like "a Sparkle in the Lonelyness") indicate to me that you may not be as happy as you could.

Heck, I hope I'm wrong. If not, be sure to take pride in your work and realize how many people *you* make happy with it. If that's now enough, just let us know, maybe we can help...

I'd invite you for a beer if I could :p

Anyway... great work!
Hope you enjoy making it as much as we enjoy seeing it!

Keep your head up high and do what you love!





17 years ago

Dont worry man !

Im fine again, but i was in hospital for 1 month because i was robbed and beaten down realy bad and nearly died because of hmm.. in german to english "brain-bleeding" .. i hope you have a clue what the right words could be

so : this was the reason for many depressiv hours and lonely weeks >

now its getting better and better,

so cheer up and see what artwork will follow in da future ;]

thx for this great comment

Da FloW ----------------- [ flo egerer ]


17 years ago

- 2nd upload because of account problems

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