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It was supposed to be something like the vista aurora wallpaper, it went wrong so I tried a lot of The Gimp's filters and tools, and this is the result. Not like aurora, but nice anyway (or at least I think).

- added a new pic with less light, it might look a little weird as the line is still very intense, but couldn't do better. I also added both versions with a more blurry background


13 years ago

good, I like it :) however, there is a strange issue: I found the thumbnail "better" than the full size one.

Maybe that's because in the thumbnail you can't see the fresnel effect.

What I'd like to see would be a version made out of it that would be "smoother", with less contrasted elements, and possibly in blue, brown, orange too. I don't know how it would look like. For example, currently there is a stripe near the middle-left that is very very bright, it's slightly disturbing, maybe that's just me.




13 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions, made a couple of new versions based on them :)

sadly there was not enough space for different colors, but it isn't hard to change that.


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