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I was rescuing some photos for someone off of an old hdd, and ran across good old logos.sys and figured "Meh, why not?"


13 years ago

LOL I love it! Brings back memories of my first computer, which was a 486 that I initially had Windows 3.1 on until I made the upgrade to Windows 95 six weeks after that came out, and yes, I remember this screen that it would display whenever it had successfully shut down (that first computer I had in graduate school wasn't an ATX case, of course -- and this was a few years before I'd even heard of Linux).

However, of course, that was well before I made the switch to Linux. Until M$ got the bright (not!) idea of WGA in Windows XP, as far as I was concerned, I had no reason to jump ship. But when I learned about how upgrading one's hardware would cause WGA authentication to fail, I wanted no part of XP or any of its successors, so I started in learning how Linux worked and getting all the open-source programs for Windows I could find. I also dabbled in a bunch of live CDs until I was ready to make the jump to nothing but Linux on my current computer, which originally had Windows 98 on it.

Since January 5, 2005, I've run Linux EXCLUSIVELY on my computer and am currently running the as-of-last-night #1 distro on DistroWatch, PCLinuxOS.




13 years ago

Thank you for the comment. I'm now using Linux exclusively also. My first experience with Linux was way back with SuSE 6.4 (still have all SEVEN cds). Didn't know much about computers then, so I decided to learn. Ended up trying Slackware because everyone said it was so difficult to use. Now I've been using nothing but Slackware for about 3 or 4 years (aside from trying out other distros).


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