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My first attempt.
I give credit to inok from deviantart for the base imagine.


15 years ago

the revolutionaries Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Washington, etc but only murderous dictators are admired by young, naive kids.

Here's a better picture of Che....



16 years ago


1-I live in cuba and have been opressed and dictated since i were borned

2-I don't have left the country cause i CAN'T ok!! my country don't let me out like %99 of cubans!!!

3-I am taking the risk of going in Jail just because of HAVING internet, the only way is pirated!!!...have you seen many cubans around internet?? NO, FUCKING NO!!!!

4-GO ahead and change your idols!!! cause the ones you have are MURDERERS, KILLERS, DICTATORS!!!!!

5-It just makes me fucking SICK seeing hole-brains around that can follow a "miracle man", a "hero" how the fuck can you live with your person??? THINK before you speak, before everything RTFM or STFW!!! why don't you just Google "castro real dictator" or enter and get REAL INFO of your "icon people"

arghhh, i'd never stop ranting!!!



16 years ago

I'm not going to vote you down too, because your work is really good.
But i'm not sure that mix comunism and open source is really good for this last one. Even if we can see a kind of comunism in Open Source, I'd prefer to say Marxism, communism sounds like terror, because all the terrible things made in it name.
I approved by 100% for Enersto Guevara, but why do you have choosed Castro and Lenin ? Why not Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels or Léon Trostky ?!
Well, i stop here my comment, thanks for this beautifull work. Sorry for my bad english, that's not my mother language.



16 years ago

I'm not going to vote you donwn because there's nothing wrong with the artistic side of your wallpaper and I'm against voting people down because you don't agree with the ideologies their work represents. But, I really don't think communism is part of the ideology behind Linus Torvald's creation of Linux or drobbin's creation of Gentoo. Not to mention I don't think it's a good idea to celebrate ruthless dictators who murder people who oppose them, whether you agree with communism or not.

Other than that, artistically well-done.




16 years ago

We have a quite different political feeling, but I definitely don't want to start a flame.
Thanks a lot for the artistic remark, really appreciated.


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