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This is a theme based on my Shadowplay theme. This is my second theme for gtk2 and after my last theme I wanted something lighter and cleaner looking with a more metalic/tech feel to it. I am still getting a feel for GTK theme creation so there will still likely be bugs. Lubuntu has breathed life into my old laptop but the default themes are so clunky and minimalistic I decided to have a go at making my own, starting with shadowplay and now this. My goal is to create a collection of themes for Lubuntu that I can upload in a single package that will be a one stop beautification shop for Lubuntu. Now I am trying to get my head around Icon themes and cursors.


Extract to /home/(user)/.themes
Select theme from your theme browser.

Please report any bugs in the comments section.


1. Fixed sliders that distorted badly when streched.
2. Lightened buttons to make button text clearer.


6 years ago

My account has been hacked so I will not be able to upload updates or fixes for this or my other themes until it is restored :(

Please continue to report bugs in the mean time and I will adress them and either upload them when my account is back or reupload under this account.

Thank you.




6 years ago

I just looked at this theme on my main PC and noticed that it seems a lot more saturated on it than it does on my netbook, I was wondering if its just my PC or if it looks to saturated to the rest of you too.

Please let me know and I will see about fixing it :)


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