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I am no programmer, so this is just a thought I wanted to share, and maby someone will use it. How about something like objectbar for kde? Many ppl are trying to change their look by removing kicker and using either slicker or karamba for menus/icons, but only karamba is fully themeable and it doesn't support mouseover icon animations, or have a systray or windowlist (windowlist could be used on mouse3 button but not systray).
I think it would be a great thing to have something for kde like objectbar is for windows, or maby just some karamba improvements that allows users to have a systray and icon animations (like icon highlighting or iconzoom).

Anyhow, just a idea.


16 years ago

I´m a programer and at the moment i´m seeking the net to find the Y´s Dock source code.

This is a very much ObjectDock look-like dock but it was (yes, was... because Apple tryied to sue the guy who invented it) even more customizable.

If anybody find it, I want to contribute!



17 years ago

Yes, we really need one. I'm looking forward to the Slicker project... I mean, anything is better than the current Kicker. But anyway, yeah, we need something like Objectbar (Or ObjectDock... or whatever)

BTW, it would be awesome if we had DesktopX for Linux. It's like Karamba, but fully animated and stuff.



15 years ago

Superkaramba is already a component for DesktopX, and it is moving closer towards this. Perhaps there should be a super-super karamba?




17 years ago

Yes, I know what DesktopX is, same authors as objectbar and yes that would be great, but with karamba having so many features it could be made as 1 single app that worked as both objectbar and desktopx


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