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I've seen that Kubuntu 5.10 had a nice feature called network profiles (did not have the time to investigate what is really is by now).
It surely is a nice thing to have something like that is KDE...

One could be able to set what distant devices are available in each network profile so that these devices' icons are put on the desktop to be accessed. Devices are: nfs shares, smb/cifs shares (with password also), printers, scanners, mailserver (?)...


14 years ago

Good idea.

I would add one point: Each network profile should be keep separated proxy setting, so that I can switch between work and home, proxy or no-proxy, firewalled or not firewalled services with one click.



14 years ago

I don't want to miss my profiles, but:
is this the right way to address your need? I do use profiles every other day, but I think that the general solution SuSE/Novell provides is much more powerful.
Take a look the their profile manager, you can address all changes to your system, be it hardware, networking environment, speed of boot, security, ..., because it is a more general way to address this question.


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