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As anyone here I love KDE and the desktop ultimate experience it offers for my Linux box. And with kde-look, eye candy's improvements and UI developments have never been so fast... but it think kde-look miss a special categorie... Well, you'll probably notice that some kde apps missed some arts developpers. Why don't exist a repositery where developpers can ask some help for making their UI/arts?
For example, the graphics part of k3b, which is a kde burning tool have been realized by Ayo73... and this apps is really nice. Another use of this categorie, would be for creating a per apps icon. You might know that kde apps are created everydays and at this rate, it'll be soon really difficult and boring for icons designer to make a complete set for this lot of icons... why a new apps dev can't ask for an icon contribution and so, have a nice a stylish icon?
This is an idea...


15 years ago

I like this kind of thinking.
Is there any realization of it ?

I could imagine a Job-agency-like
Thread - or forum- where developers could ask for something and a another Thread / forum where designer could offer their help, e.g.:"like to do some button-artwork but don't now what it should be.."

some kind of money-less job-practice for helping artist to become popular.



18 years ago

You mean like http://artist.kde.org?




18 years ago

Not really... first because I suppose that there are many more artist and designers that visit kde-look than artist.kde.org. Then, I didn't notice any place for a developper to post a request for designers to create icons/graphics wizards... So i might be wrong, but artist.kde.org is not IMO the right place.


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