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Ok... So I have been using KDE for a long time now and find it a very productive work environment. I have however hit a wall with a new problem. I want to use my version of kdevelop to edit my source code which is sitting on a remote server. Now of course I can open it using the fish KIO_slave but that limits my functionality since I can not actually call the compiles from my kdevelop since it will try to execute it from here. The build environment is very complicated on the remote system and does not correspond to a standard gnu/gcc type env, we dont even use automake. Anyway... To the idea...

So, I can remotely mount the filesystem using sshfs which will make it look more local but now the issue rests with running gmake. So, enter KomunicationKonduits. What if there existed a wrapper that would encapsulate calls like system, exec, and so forth, such that it ran the call remotely and then passed the exit code and the output back to the local system. The class could have several different backends corresponding to different low level communications protocols, the initial of course being the ssh and local backends. The class could hold a persistant connection open so that if any environment (ie. the build environment) can be maintained. So.. Instead of calling a program like the following:

int ret = system("gmake myanalysis.all");

One would use the following...

int ret = konduit.system("gmake.myanalysis.all");

Where konduit was of type KomunicationKonduitSSH. Is this crazy?
This could be used in any application that needs to call third party apps.


(I have copied this from a post I made in the kde-forums, I was not sure of the traffic and exposure it got there so I figured I would cross post this here)

The kde-forum link is in the homepage slot.
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