Kicker & Kdesktop "Run As Other" improved

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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I’m working on kicker & kdesktop, to run a program from the KMenu as other user in an easy & friendly way.In order to run a program as another user you just have to click with the right button of your mouse on each application item of the Menu. After clicking “run as other user”, from the service menu, it calls popupExecuteCommand(QString command,bool runAsOther). In this way, the kicker calls popupexecutecommand(”command”,true), and the kdesktop will show the dialog “minicli” with the voice “Run as other User” checked and visible.That’s all! =)Note: I’ve added a new DCop call “popupExecuteCommand(QString command,bool runAsOther)”to the kdesktop!

The patch contains also a Bug Fix:
Bug Description:
Kicker 3.5.3 (kubuntu)
popupMenu_ pointer is deleted only when the the parent panel is deleted or when a panel button
is clicked.
1)when the popupMenu_ is shown, if you click on the screen around the kmenu, the hightlighted item on a submenu is executed!
2)When the popupMenu_ is shown, if you change the hightlighted item, the popupMenu_ is not destroyed!
3)Every Menu can show more popupMenus at the same time…


14 years ago

why do you want to run something as root?
When i launch synaptic on kubuntu or mandrake control center on mandriva the computer asks for the root password.

When the computer doesn't ASK for root acces it is just stupid to run an application as root. Because if a securtity hole is abused in that one application, your whole system is at risk!

I have been using linux since 1998 and really I never had the need for a feature like this :-)




14 years ago

Very useful thing :]


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