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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


The package includes two runners that support multiple actions.

The first runner is the Desktop Search Runner which is identical to the Nepomuk Desktop Search Runner with the exception of its support for Service Menus and open with actions. It is essentially a backport of changes planned for 4.3.

The second runner is the Window Management Runner that allows you to perform any action that the task manager supports. The actions available are identical to the actions shown in the context menu when right
clicking on a task in the panel.

The runners depend on kdelibs 4.2.

You will need the corresponding kdebase-workspace devel packages installed to compile this. Support for the Desktop Search Runner also requires that nepomuk be installed.

The devel packages should contain the header files for:

These libraries are part of kdebase-workspace.

On kubuntu jaunty it should be in kdebase-workspace-dev.

The usual CMake build instructions apply. e.g.
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ make
# make install

Open the KRunner settings dialog by pressing Alt+F2 then clicking on the wrench icon. Under the plugins tab, deselect the Nepomuk Desktop Search Runner and select the Desktop Search Runner. This is necessary to prevent duplicate matches. Select the window manager plugin.

Click on the User interface tab and select "task oriented". After clicking ok, the task oriented interface should appear and you can begin searching.

Failure to select the "task oriented" user interface will cause the desktop runner to behave identically to the Nepomuk Desktop Search Runner (defeating the purpose of this package) and the Window management runner to simply raise the window.

Some bugfixes for the QuickSand interface didn't make it into 4.2.0 but will be in 4.2.1.


11 years ago

I found a fairly reproducable bug when using the code in fsrunner.

Write in a search term, and remove it, the main window will say "loading", but the actions will still be visible (and selectable), clicking them crashes krunner.

That's tested with the window plugin, I dont have nepomuk, however I use the nepomuk code with fsrunner, and it works fine, but as soon as that scenario occures it crashes.

So if I search for a few different terms, one valid, then pull up actions, then search for some invalid terms it breaks the action system.

The window code only crashes if I click an invalid action actions, however the fsrunner code seems to crash as soon as invalid actions are produced from a search term.

Backtrace shows fsrunner crashes at:
m_actions->addOpenWithActionsTo(&dummy, QString());

Could you have a look at fsrunner's action system and see if I'm doing something terribly wrong, or if this is krunner's fault? I've been looking at this for ages, and I'm really not sure what's going on here.



11 years ago

turning on email notify in this thread.



11 years ago

Very nice addons :P.
It would totally be awesome if you made something like Docky does in Gnome-Do with Krunner.




11 years ago

Hey thanks for the idea... Sounds like writing a plasmoid would be the best way to go about this since docky is a frontend to gnome do similar to how quicksand is an alternative front end to krunner.

I don't really have the time to write a new plasmoid and the architecture of KRunner is rather different from gnome do this isn't such a trivial task.


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