KMix Patch: Toggle muting with middle mo

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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This patch enables the user to toggle (un-)muting of the Master device by simply middle-clicking on the icon in the docker.

After applying this patch the standard behavior of KMix is activated (middle click opens mixer window).
You can then go to the Preferences in the mixer window and toggle the new checkbox (see screenshot).

Now you can toggle muting with the middle mouse button.

The checkbox text is currently only available in english.

This patch works for KMix as packaged in KDE versions 3.5.4 and 3.5.6.
I have not tested it with 3.5.5 but it should work there, too.

If you think this is useful then please go to
and vote for the bug report.

Some (basic) install instructions:
1. Download the patch file somewhere
2. Download the kdemultimedia source and extract it
3. cd to .../kdemultimedia/kmix
4. Do: cat .../kmix-dock-icon-toggles-muting.diff | patch
5. Do: ./configure && make (you may need to specify some parameters for ./configure depending on your environment)
6. Run kmix from the ./.libs subdirectory or install it with: make install


14 years ago

I like it a lot, but the instalation is a bit complicated...

Anyone making a script or .deb?




13 years ago

Yes it is really not that easy to install.

I am running gentoo here and my KDE installation is probably quite different from the one debian has in its package manager. Thats why I only posted a patch here.

If you like it then please go to the KDE bugzilla page (link is in the description) and give it a few votes.
The bug report still has only 100 votes (thats 5 people giving 20 votes each) though the patch seems to be quite popular here on

I would really like to see the functionality in KDE 4 without manually patching it. I guess it won't be included in 3.5 because of the string freeze.

BTW: Sorry for the late reply, I found that "Comment Subscription" thing just today ;-)



14 years ago

Haven't tried the patch, but I think it's a good improvement. +20 votes from me.


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