KDE 3.5 Themes

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on



Preview no.1: black&white theme for screen resolution up to 1024x768. with only one highlighted color(builtin deep sky blue 3 or 4),
"builtin "Plastic" wm and "shadow" wallpaper (transparency .png)
Icons "FlatSVG" download, on section "Icons", url:
(A great work, this icons:-)

Preview no.2 : colors settings. You can change anytime the colors, using only one color, or two with different grandient.Just create your very own desktop look.

Preview no.3 : icons settings. In this way,icons will be half "hollow" and grey as standard look. You have to do this by yourself !, not automatic turn from KDE Control! But is very easy, take a look at the this preview. Sorry that's in german, but i think you can find the options looking at the screenshot.

if you like this kind of wallpaper, i put in the wallpaper section 1024x768 a collection of another backgrounds like this (*.png) + a few samples how it will look (*.jpeg)

just surf here:


* After downloading the .gz file, extract all files in the directory you want (home directory), then "right click" on .kth file and "install..".

* if you don't have this option after "right click" on ".kth" file: proceed this way:

# "After extracting your files - open Control Center (not MCC but the one to customize your desktop). From there go to Appearance and Themes, then Theme Manager, next click Install New Theme. From that place navigate to where you extracted the KTH file and choose that KTH file. Finally, pick the theme from the list and Apply."

...Sorry for english..

someone like this them ?! (I mean it looks better on TFT screens, because back lighting)

Keep having Fun!-)daniel


15 years ago

I like the work you've been doing, and have been getting some good ideas from them.

But you're putting these in the wrong category. "KDE 3.2+ Themes Styles" are for widget styles... like "plastik", "lipstik" or "Keramik". Your work belongs in the "Theme-Manager" category.




15 years ago

Yes. You have right, i see it now. Thank you for this. My English kills me..very bad...I will put the next work in the right section. I'm glad that you like my things that i try to do, and wish you all the best from Munich.




15 years ago

That is really noce work! Thanks.

twentysixreverse, Thanks for pointing that out. I'm using SuSE 10 and I wondered why some of these themes would not install. (look for the little gold box - heh)



15 years ago

Sie sollen meine Deutsch lesen. Ihre Englisch is sehr gut!

Viele andere Leute haben dieselbe "Problem" gehabt. Die Kategorie "Theme-Manager" ist jetzt neu um die Unverstehung(?) zu reparieren.

At least I think that's how you say it: the category's new because a lot of people made the same mistake :)


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