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A generic program to display the up/down status of all kinds of things (some examples: VPN, particular machines, whether filesystems are mounted).

You will need to edit the file to configure the things whose status you want to check.

Status for each "property" (i.e., VPN, computer, filesystem mount) is either red or green.

For each property, you enter values into several arrays, as defined below

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# commands that set properties to the green state
green_cmds = []

# commands that set properties to the red state
red_cmds = []

# commands whose output can be used to determine whether the state is green or red
check_colour_cmds = []

# strings that, if present in check_colour_cmds, mean that we are in the green state
is_green = []

# display this when in the green state
green_display_strings = []

# display this when in the red state
red_display_strings = []


So what happens is:

For each property:

1. In the green state the green_display_strings value for the property is displayed in green.

2. In the red state the red_display_strings value for the property is displayed in red.

3. To determine whether the property is in the gren or red state, the command in the check_colour_cmds array is run, and if the string in the is_green array is found in the output, then the property is in the green state. Otherwise, it is in the red state.

4. If green_cmds and red_cmds are not null (they MUST be defined, but they MAY be empty strings), then clicking the displayed string for the property on the widget will cause the relevant command to be executed to cause the property to change state. In other words, you can force a property to toggle between green and red by clicking the property on the widget. So, for example, you can mount/umount filesystems with a click. For some properties it makes no sense to provide a toggle (for example, if you are simply monitoring whether a particular computer is on the network): for such properties, define red_cmds and green_cmds to be empty strings.

This may not make much sense (sorry!) but if you read it again with the script open in front of you, you should be able to see what I mean.

You can change the actual displayed colours easily (see screenshot 2 for an example where "red" has been redefined).

By default, properties are scanned and updated once per miute.
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