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KarambaOrb is a superkaramba theme a la Ambient Orb (http://www.smarthome.com/1951.html). At this point, it is purely a concept theme, but the guts of it are already there.

What it does is simply take something and find out how it is doing, then transscribe that notion into a single color displayed on the Orb. Ideally speaking, you could use the Ambient Orb for displaying the current weather conditions (glow shades of yellow if sunny, glow shades of gray if cloudy, etc) or for displaying the stock market activities (glow shades of red if stock is loosing ground, glow shades of green if stock is gaining ground).

Currently, the only functionality is the Stock Market watcher. Since this is an alpha version of the theme, there is no graphical configuration tool yet (any arrangement suggestions or volunteers welcome). Therefore, you have to modify the KarambaOrb.rc file by hand. Those values really should be self explanatory (i.e. good color rgb values, bad color rgb values, alpha value, stock to track, etc). By default, the theme will track Dow Jones Industrail average with a limit of +- 5% full scale green to red glow.

Like I said, this is an alpha and is just to try out a concept. If anyone is interested, please leave feedback and suggestions.

P.S. This theme requires Perl and GD to function correctly.


15 years ago

i like the idea, it should look nice but, I can't think of anything useful to make the orb glow... i mean, i don't care about stock market and for the weather there is already the great liquidweather... so, i'm not of any help but the idea is really nice so don't give it up !


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