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Places ever changing astrology charts for current time on Your desktop.

The package contains 8 themes:
-2 (a black and a white) standard wheel charts
-2 standard wheel charts with hourglass look effect
-2 aspect/midpoint grids
-2 dispositor hierarchy charts

All the themes made in two differend colors, for dark and light desktop (for some dark themes an alternate background included with white shadow). The themes updating every 2 minutes as the sky spins a half degree. Click on the charts to display larger version.

The themes using the unbelievably good freeware ASTROLOG made by Walter D. Pullen (www.astrolog.org). I included an astrolog executable (compiled on 32bit without graphics) in the theme, because probably few able or have time to build it. Imagemagick used to resize images, make them still readable and transparent, and view them.

###To set up a theme:
1, Find out Your location coordinates. You can use these websites:
http://www.astro.com/cgi/aq.cgi?lang=e or http://www.heavens-above.com/countries.asp
2, Extract the theme anywhere, change to that directory and start the !SETUP install script from command line and Answer the questions. That's all...

###Playing with settings:
Check astrolog.dat config file for the calculation settings. Check the astrolog helpfile from it's homepage to read about command line parameters, the 7 chart types etc.

###Possible problems, solutions:
If there is a problem try to rerun the !SETUP script.
If Astrolog executable is not working in Your system, get the source from www.astrolog.org and build a new astrolog, then copy it to the theme folder.
###Known problems:
The theme sometimes flashes on update

Please give feedback about bugs, new feature demands, etc.
Email: sede dot freemail dot hu


14 years ago

Does not function on openSUSE 10.2.
Astrolog itself does.



13 years ago


I had to rename the install script !SETUP to just SETUP (or anything without the '!' - don't know why). Now it works, thanks for Your effort.




14 years ago

All *sh and *theme files are being zeroed due to the usage of !SETUP.


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