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this little superkaramba script monitors some network hosts, you can add up to 20-40 Ip adreses, to monitor them (depending on your screen height), you can group them, so you'll know what group is it, this is useful if you work at ISP, so you can monitor Routers you'll not need to check them you'll see it online

Fixed Some Bugs!!!

added, set pwd to iplist file in theme file

if got some suggestions, just comment them here...

Comming soon:

adding/deleting Ip's from iplist will reload this script automaticly ...


15 years ago

what it is exactly this monitors? I'd rather hoped it was some sort of bandwidth monitoring tool because I'd love something like that to monitor traffic on my nat router. Looks like a ping, is that correct?



15 years ago

Routing doesn't work like that. You cannot have an app on your PC that monitors bandwidth/traffic through your router unless you have an apps on the router doing the data collection and passing it to your PC. The only way to have your PC have that application with a consumer-grade firmware router is to make your PC a router/gateway for the network and run monitoring software on it.

You can, however monitor the total bandwidth/traffic of data to/from your PC. I leave the implementation of that as an exercise for the reader. :)



15 years ago

I've understanded that this theme helps to monitoring some web site or isp..or your administrating sites
But normally it's very unconfortable..everytime you have to fill the text with new domain and even its ip number!!
It's possible make automatic this actions?
Desktop changer karamba has a function in right click menu' where you can add the new pictures to desktop changer..can you make the same but adding domain ad ip?..because this idea is nice..:D




15 years ago

well, i'll try to make like that, so it will be more easy to add Ip's...


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