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Disenfeldt2 Collection, version 1.0 , 2004-10-29

This is my 2:nd SuperKaramba collection that consists of different instruments.
The following basic elements are available :

* A single meter
* A single meter with bar/histogram enhancement
* A dual meter
* A dual meter with bar/histogram enhancement
* A display meter
* A tubeclock

Note that the meters (except the display meter type and the tubeclock) have
a transparent reflection effect below the meter glass.

All meters have dual needles. The red needle shows the current measurement, the blue needle
shows the peak value reached (since meter was started).
The peak needle can be resetted by doubleclicking on the meter (a menu then popups enabling
this action).

The meter scale [0,20,40,60,80,100] is settable in the python script and so are the
other meter labels (such as CPU, hda2, eth0, %, x100kB/s).
If you change the scale labels then remember to change the other corresponding scaling constants
in the python script.

Note that the meters can easily be altered to display different types of information
such as a different disk, a different network link, a dual CPU load etc.
The defaults are easily changed through the theme file and or the python file.

The default settings for the meters are to display :

1. hda2 - dmdiski and the dmdisk themes
2. eth0 - dmioh theme
3. CPU (0) - dmcpuh and the dmcpu themes

The two default display meters provided are :

1. Memory and disk - dmmemdsk theme
Displays physical/buffered/swap memory usage.
Displays up to 3 local filesystems (hdx)
Displays up to 3 remote filesystems (smb)

2. System Info - dmsys theme
Displays CPU, kernel, KDE, IP and user information.
Displays different types of system loads.

The clock is defined by the bluetube theme.

I hope that some of you may find these useful.

If you have any comments, please don't hesitate to write them down on this board
as all feedback is good.

Don't forget to vote so that I can see what you think of this contribution.

Best regards / Jonny


14 years ago

simply gorgeous!
I love all those old-fashioned (AKA analogic) stuff!
Very compliments, we've got enough "digital" themes, this is really a great idea!



15 years ago

That's a great eye-candie you made there! Another old-style theme collection, this time from the 70's more or less (vintage solid state amplifiers anyone? :P ) while the "Tube" family and my own AnalogMachine are more 50s-60s stuff.
Thus, this one being "younger", has a "cleaner" and less stylized aspect over the dials. I'm definatelly suggesting this theme if you find AnalogMachine's a little hard to look (I myself think that eye-candy must be exactly that: teasing and mind-boggling).

A minor suggestion/request: perhaps most (all?) of the configuration can be obtained through kdialog pop-ups making life easier for the less script-savvy users.



16 years ago

great job. the reflection of the VU meters is a great touch and looks great!



16 years ago

hmm... I've seen this theme before... it was in my times as windows user for the programm SysMetrix (the theme was known eMeter I think)... but you did a great job making a karamba theme of it an adding this nice lcd displays!



16 years ago

Hi, your work looks great. But, I have more than one hda and I didn`t find a way to use Disenfeldt2 for all the others: hda 1 - 6. Please give me instruction!




16 years ago

It depends on which of the themes in the collection you want to alter.

Example 1.

The instrument meter (that displays one disk) with LCD-bar/histogram called dmdski that uses dmdski.theme and dmdski.py files.

Make a copy of these 2 files (one set for each disk you want) and name them for example dmdskia.theme/dmdskia.py , dmdskib.theme/dmdskib.py ...

Edit the dmdskiX.theme (X is a, b etc)file and change :

a1. mountpoint="/" (2 places) to whatever you need such as "hda3" etc ...

Edit the file dmdskiX.py and change :

b1. t1v = "hda2" to "hda3", "hda4" ...
b2. f = os.popen(.../hda2) to os.popen(.../hda3) etc

a1.) above fixes the histogram/bar part in the LCD.
b1/b2.) above fixes the abalogue instrument

Example 2.

If you want to alter the information display (dmmemdsk theme) then alter the file dmmemdsk.theme.

If you don't have any Samba mounted drives you can change these 3 "slots" to instead show more local disks (only 3 is default but you can then alter it to 6)

Just check the lines and replace the Samba mounted lines with copies of the local filesystem lines and alter the line=1, 2 and 3 to line=4, 5, 6 ...

Put them in the "Samba" Group so you keep the positioning in X/Y on the display.

Finally create a new "all.theme" file that contains references to all the new meters you want to show so it is easier to startup (just by clicking all.theme).



16 years ago

Thanks!!! Now it works and I love it!




16 years ago

Nice mix of old devices (meters) and new technology. Even picked up /dev as-is ... no need to "tweak" it to my system.



16 years ago

I thought about something like this (but
formed lika a (um what is it called?) that
thing that shows the speed of car :P
Keep on with good work!


product-maker monga Apr 03 2011 9 excellent
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