nanoramba2 For Dual Core Cpus

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5 .8

This is nanoramba2 ( ) but as for the most perceptive of you have already realize is to monitor Dual core Cpu.

The idea of nanoramba2fordualcpu is the informations to be in a small place and not covering half of your desktop.Also it doesn't include information which in my opinion are useless like what kind of kde or kernel you have etc etc

The icons are taken sinC

Unfortunately even though the bar for the second cpu it should be working i don't have dual core cpu so i haven't test it yet. If someone can please test it and inform me if everything is ok?

Also it includes a funny flash "game" humoring the functionality/stability of the windows.I know it has nothing to do with kde but i like it a lot...
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12 years ago

Added a horizontal version just in case anyone needs it..



11 years ago

Are you crazy? How can you release such a thing like Windows RG?
I almost died laughing!




11 years ago

My best part...
Windows where unable to shut down is there a reason for this to happen?

(you press no)

Nooooo you are hiding something!!!!


Ok windows will belive you this time but thats the last time!!!!


12 years ago

Added a horizontal version just in case anyone needs it..

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