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This is a brushed theme based off of Korama

The Idea comes from BCMM

I was torn between 2 worlds. Oh how I Loved Korama but I liked brushed also, so I combined the 2. I hope I didn't step on anyones toes. There's still work to be done it seems the border pics need to be smoothed out around the corners so if anyone wants to take that Job either khaitu or BCMM I would not object. Thanks everyone who gives there work on a semi-open fashion. It's much appreciated.


15 years ago


If I might tangent off the immediate topic of your (nifty!) theme, may I ask what font you are using? I really, really like the way it looks, tight and neat and readable.

Thanks. :)



15 years ago

I see you've used the background.png from my amaroK theme instead of the one from your MetaBar theme (which didn't need support for long sidebars that scroll vertically). I meant to ask you about this:

My short background.png was made by cropping the one you provided, which repeated itself. However, I'm not sure that this isn't making the theme take longer to render.

I have noticed it sometimes takes a while to render Brushed Blue for amaroK on my 1.6GHz machine, and I wondered if having to repeat the background takes significantly longer than rendering a longer background once.

Do you have any idea if this is the case? If so, head.png would probably have an even greater impact.

Anyway, now all we need is for Baghira to start supporting Aqua dialog boxes from Brushed main windows, and this would fit perfectly.



15 years ago

i get the same problem


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