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Ok, if you guys can stand yet another slight modification to this wonderful theme (which I take absolutely no credit for save for my own slight modification.)

This is a Mac OS X type Login screen, but beautified to depict Debian Linux, and more specifically, SimplyMEPIS - my favorite variant of Debian.

I highly suggest the use of the KDM Theme manager to install this theme. I have no idea how to modify the config files manually to enable it. Good luck and enjoy!


9 years ago

Are you keeping all these old KDE KDM 3.4 items up here for archive? I see you have not posted anything since 2010. Upset you are not still on the first download screen fresh items? It seems you are to busy pushing new users away and complaining to actually contribute content that is not obsolete.

What is it that stirs your hatred so much anyway. The lack of pornography in my posts or the fact I am not busy copying the latest windows and apple themes?

Maybe you should take a look at your own content before speaking out against others.


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