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While GIMP is starting to become a great tool and I got tired of switching to windows to do some Photoshop work. I though I gave it another go.

It frustrated me that it took me a lot of time to find the right tools so I crafted a Toolbox icon theme similar (specialty GIMP's native cropping tool icon I couldn't remember)

After it was done I thought I'd share it so other people who used Photoshop could benefit from this.

I Included:
- a Keyboard shortcut RC file that matched photoshops keyboard shortcuts (
- my personal perspective that looks a lot like PS's default.
- A config file that rearranged the order of the tools in the toolbox

That screenshot may speak for itself.

All files go into /home/{username}/.gimp-2.x/

LEGAL NOTE: All the icons in the theme where crafted by GIMP but I used multiple screenshots of Photoshop I found on Google to use as a template. All the icons are slightly different but if this is still an issue that I am afraid that I am the only one benefiting from this work. But at least I cared to share.

Enjoy ;-)
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1 year ago

9 Reaaly nice :) compliments.




2 years ago

9 Well done ;)



2 years ago

may i ask what your font configuration is like? cos that looks very smooth and crisp



2 years ago

Looks great! But, it seems like you've forgotten to include the pattern_stamp_tool.png file, so there's no icon for the perspective clone tool. ;)




6 years ago

I am truly happy that you made this available for use. It makes a lot more sense the way you have it laid out as I am a PS user for many, many years. It has made my transition to GIMP and Linux a bit more smooth now. How easy would it be to change the colors of the theme to a dark grey?


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Reaaly nice :) compliments.
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Well done ;)
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