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Rhythmbox is one of those apps in need of an icon yet nobody can seem to do much with. Here's my attempt.

The music note and flat notation are intended to look like rb for Rhythmbox.

I've added a second screenshot to have the community help me finalize the icon. Once I get some feedback I'll do the icon in the various sizes and write a script to plug this into your icon theme.

Simply vote for your favorite version from screenshot 2 and let me know if you like 1, 2 or 3 best.

and thanks!


11 years ago

Well, I'm an Amarok user but I don't see a reason not to share my opinion :P
I like the 3rd one, although... have you considered adding some background to it? Looks a bit thin for my taste compared to the others. Maybe some round background or square with rounded corners. It would look even better if it's smaller than the notes/letters. Hmm... probably I'm the only one that actually understands what I mean right now, I'll make a draft later if you're interested.




11 years ago

Please do! I love collaborating on design.


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