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a simple logical game with elements of move strategy Babala is a simple logical game with elements of move strategy. At the beginning the game the enemys' figures "Balabaks"are situated on the playnig field.Balabaks' behaviour is simple, he goes straight towards your figures going round obstructions when he meets them.Balabak must not reach you,otherwise you lose.

Each turn is made up of some moves (max.5) or of shots and placing mines (max.5).Your task is to dispose of all Balabaks to do this you must choose suitable movements or shots. So that it is not so easy.You have to shoot through a wall at Balabaks or you have limited numbers of shots. If you don't have enough munition.You must tempt balabaks into a trap. You can save one shot when you lay a mine before a Balabak with two lives.


9 years ago

A new open-source version of Babala is now available for Linux. It has an additional game set, called Advanced, with 100 new levels, 2 new enemy types and 3 new field features. There is also a new graphic scaling option. Visit Downloads page to get the new version. Or visit


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