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A powerful MUD client with a built-in Perl interpreter KildClient is a MUD client written with the GTK+ windowing toolkit. It supports many common features of other clients, such as triggers, gags, aliases, macros, timers, and much more. But its main feature is the built-in Perl interpreter. At any moment, the user can execute Perl statements and functions to do things much more powerful than simply sending text the the MUD. Perl statements can also be run, for example, as the action of a trigger, allowing you to do complex things. Some built-in functions of KildClient allow interaction with the world, such as sending commands to it. KildClient has extensive ANSI support, it can display text in the standard 16 colors, and also text underlined, in italics, striked-through and in reverse video. It supports vt100's line drawing characters for nice tables and xterm's sequences for a 256-color mode. KildClient supports MCCP (Mud Client Compression Protocol) versions 1 and 2, and a direct chat system to other users of KildClient or other clients compatible with the MudMaster or zChat protocols.

Main features:
# Several worlds can be opened simultaneously.
# New text notification.
# Plugins to extend the basic functionality.
# Triggers and gags, using regular expressions for matching.
# Aliases, allowing you to substitute what you type with some other text.
# Macros for sending text or executing commands with a single keypress.
# Timers for repeated execution of commands.
# Hooks for executing actions when some events happen.
# Support for logging the output to a file, including optionally a timestamp.
# MCCP support.
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